Monday, December 14, 2015

Miracles with Ward Members.

Countdown - T minus 11 days.
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This week was great :) Things here in our ward are changing - the members have started to accompany us and support us SO much more! The grand evidence and proof that we had gained their confidence was manifested in an activity we held on Friday night... It was a miracle. Let me cuent you.

Our ward mission leader wanted to organize a "Noche Misional" with the whole ward to bring investigators, less actives, and members together. A week and a half ago he asked us to start planning the activity. On Sunday, we had announced the activity to the whole ward, but the response was..... lukewarm to say the least. Hermano Javier (lider misional) was tempted to cancel the activity, because not a single person had committed themselves to come. He told us that the last time they had a Noche Misional, only 4 members came. No investigators. No less actives. He wasn't too excited to have that happen again. BUT - we were not going to give up that easy :)

During the week, my companion and I visited every single member of the ward council to commit them and their families to attend and invite someone else. We spent time in their houses serving, helping, and animating them. In the end, we had committed about 25 people to come, which we felt pretty good about!

Friday night was when the real miracle happened :) 60 PEOPLE attended the activity!! And almost half of them were investigators and less actives!! WOW, our ward mission leader was so happy :) The Bishop and Stake President were also able to attend, and both of them were congratulating us on how well things turned out :) The activity was based on the church's Christmas video "A Savior Is Born."  We watched the video (and a few other short ones), shared, interacted, had a refreshment, and played some games :) Everyone loved it. 

The only reason we were able to make it happen was because of the members. Thank you to all of YOU for supporting the missionaries and helping hasten the work :) What a great Christmas present to give to our Savior this year. 

The doctrine is true!!!!
Hermana Sintay :)

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