Monday, September 14, 2015


Family, friends, and anyone else who has stuck around this long!
My companion and I here in Pisco at the top of the tallest hill in our area :) 

This week I received my new companion from the CCM! Her name is Hermana Luna, and she is from Argentina Buenos Aires. I sent a few pictures :) She is 23 years old and comes from a family of 5 brothers and sisters. Hermana Luna is incredibly spiritually and emotionally strong. Her mom passed away one month ago, and she still decided to come out on the mission. She was less active for almost all of her teenage years, and just reactivated about a year ago. She has such a strong testimony of the Atonement and of eternal families.
My companion and I! Hermana Luna from Argentina :) This was taken the very first day that she arrived to the mission.
I have really been able to feel all of your specific prayers for her and me, because although this week has been incredibly difficult for the both of us, the Lord blessed us with tender mercies and has helped us through all sorts of trials.

Given that we both only have about a week in the area, we have become rather accustomed to being lost in these last few' days. Life would be a lot easier with paved streets and actual street names, eh? Pero bueno, we make it around :) Lots of prayers and following the Spirit. I feel a lot like Nefi. (1 Nefi 4:6).
From the top of the hill in our area :)

This week we had a miracle happen that I would like to share with you all!

On Sunday we left our apartment after lunch to go work. We had plans to find 2 new families to teach (yippee!). As we were leaving, we realized that we only had ONE Book of Mormon to give away. We had already given away every single other one… and were down to one, bottom of the box, pretty beaten up, Libro de Mormon. Considering we were going to find two different families, and each needed their own Book of Mormon, we said a prayer to know at least which family we should give the Book of Mormon if it came down to that. We went and taught the first family, and they were wonderful. A family of 4 kids, mom, and dad. But the whole lesson, we felt that they were not the family that needed the Book of Mormon that day. We apologized, promised that we would bring Books of Mormon the next time, and continued on with faith to the next family.

As we arrived to the second family and were starting the lesson, my companion realized that she didn't have the Book of Mormon from before. She had accidently left it in the first house. We searched everywhere - in her bag, on the floor, in my bag - nothing. We had left it. We were so disappointed. We really had felt that this family was the one that needed a Book of Mormon that day.

We taught the message of the Restoration, and the Spirit was so strong. This family wanted to read, pray, and know. We checked everywhere once again to make sure that we really had left it. We felt so bad as we apologized, and promised to bring them all Books of Mormon in the next lesson.

We stood up to leave after the kneeling prayer with the family. As we were saying goodbye, my companion went to wave to the family, and for the first time we noticed something in her hand.

A Book of Mormon. Brand new. White spine. Crisp pages. Not a single mark on the cover. Perfect blue.

She just looked at me for a moment, with her mouth wide open. Neither of us had an explanation for where the book came from. Just moments before we had searched through everything and there was not a single Book of Mormon. This book was not the same bottom-of-the-box-Libro-de-Mormon that we had left in the first house. It was truly a miracle.

We gave the Book of Mormon to the family, and they almost had tears in their eyes they were so grateful. I had tears that fell. I will never forget what happened in that tiny humble house here in Pisco, Perú.

I know that God still works miracles. They are not always manifested in grand things like a brand new Book of Mormon appearing in the precise moment. We see miracles every day. Finding a house when we didn't know how to get there. Crossing paths with a member who just needed a smile to help them get through the day. Feeling the Spirit as we study for our investigators.

There are miracles :) Seek them. Treasure them! It's one of the ways that God shows his love for us :)

The doctrine is true!

Hermana Sintay :)

. I am sure loving Pisco :)

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