Monday, March 28, 2016

Updates from this side of the world

Another trip to the pretty part of Lima for some doctor's apts - this time we snuck away to the playa to take some pictures! GORGEOUS, no?

I wish that pictures could help you smell the ocean and hear the sound of the waves.... that was my favorite part. :)


So, remember that stake activity that I commented to you all the last week?
What a POWERFUL experience! Over 150 members of the Stake participated, along with the 14 full-time missionaries in our zone. 
My favorite zone of my whole mission :)

After returning from proselyting in the morning, the members were sunburned, exhausted, and covered in dirt from head to toe (that is what happens with the missionaries here in PerĂº Lima Sur). They looked physically destroyed, haha :) However - they were spiritually FULL. When I asked them how it went, they first pointed to their shoes, completely covered in dirt - "LOOK! I am just like you missionaries! I feel SO GOOD! When are we going to leave again?"

The Spirit is the work is REAL, people! It is what converts people and turns them into true disciples of Christ.

The results of the activity were out of this world - just in our ward we received 37 referrals of nonmembers, and another 22 referrals of less active members. We have a LOT of work to follow-up with in these next few months :)

Natalia was baptized this week :) It was a great day.

The Stake President came! And a TON of investigators!  Natalia was so happy :) She bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, and probably made about half of the congregation cry. She is powerful.

Tomorrow is Concilio de Lideres. President has asked me to give an hour workshop for the rest of the Zone Leaders and Sister Traning Leaders. I am excited - the Spirit always teaches us so much when we are prepared and humble.

The doctrine is TRUE!!!!

Hermana Sintay :)

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