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PERÚ BOUND :) November 13, 2014

Family and friends! :)


4 more days until I fly to Perú!! I got my flight plans this week! I leave the CCM Monday morning at 10:00 am, and my flight to Lima is at 1:45. Just one 6 hour flight, and I WILL BE IN PERÚ!! Holy cow! You know that kind of "excited" when you just want to lay in bed and kick your feet up and down, and giggle and cover your face, and dance around like a crazy person? Yup. That's me. My district saw a whole new side of me when I got those flight plans :) Yiiippppeeeee!!!!!

This week was great - it FLEW by! It is strange that we are officially the oldest ones in the CCM. But soon enough we will be back at square one being the greenies in the field. Did I mention that is in 4 days?! Yeah. :)

I worked so hard this week. SO much study and teaching. I love it :) We taught both of our investigators for the last time this week. Both of them are our teachers, but we have been teaching them as investigators for the last 3 weeks. We have been progressing really well with both of them (Fryda and Pedro). Pedro was a lot harder... when we first started teaching him, he didn't believe in God at all. We came so far, and he now has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BoM. But he was really stubborn about setting a baptism date... he didn't want to make any commitment like that. Finally, the last time we taught him, he committed to a baptism date :) That was such a happy day! Hermana Lindstrom and I were so proud of him :)

Alrighty, so I just have a bunch of funny stories from this week. I have shared a ton of spiritual experiences, but you need to understand how FUN the CCM is, too :)

So.. we got a new district in our zone this week. 8 Elders and no Hermanas! On Friday we went and introduced ourselves to them. Following a long standing tradition, our introductions were pretty goofy and weird. Everyone had something strange they were doing. We all had planned together what we would do, so that no one would break character during the real introductions. The only one who hadn't told us what he was doing was Elder McLaws. The rest of the Elders in our district knew, but Hermana Lindstrom and I were clueless. They insisted that it needed to be a surprise. Okay... just to remind ya'll... Elder McLaws is the funniest/weirdest/quirkiest kid ever. He is from South Dakota and everything about him is just....  it's just so Elder McLaws. I cannot even explain. We love Elder McLaws :) So... the rest of the Elders start making bets with me, that I won't be able to NOT laugh during McLaws's introduction. Now - I have known this kid for 5 weeks. I know he is strange. I have seen him do crazy things before - and his intro was only going to last like 3 minutes. I was pretty confident that I could NOT laugh for that long. Sounds reasonable, right? ........ wrong. Oh no. I was so wrong. Just when you think this kid can't surprise you anymore, he does. Right off the bat, he brings out these finger puppets. Yes - finger puppets. Little ghost finger puppets. With smiley faces.  He proceeded to tell the most involved story I have ever witnessed - about 5 little ghosties that live in the fridge. The Mama Ghost told them only to eat cottage cheese and ice cream (naturally, because they are white), so they could blend in and scare people. Confused yet? That's Elder McLaws for ya. For about 10 minutes, he leaped around the room like a monkey in a suit, telling a story about the ghosts.... and how they disobeyed... and turned different colors because they ate different foods... and then they had to repent... and then they could scare people in the fridge again. Needless to say - I lost the bet. I was WEEPING in the corner of the room because I was laughing so hard. So I had to spend 100 pesos on Chokis for the Elders in payment. This kid.... he never ceases to surprise me. Who brings finger puppets on a mission? Elder McLaws. Naturally. 

Alrighty - another story about the Elders. So our Elders play cage soccer liiiiiiterrralllyyyyy everyday. It's basically their life here at the CCM. Most of them are pretty good and know what they are doing. And then, there's McLaws. He has the most self-esteem and confidence of anyone in our district, which makes these stories even better :) He is seriously great. He is the most aggressive one out there when they play cage soccer, which would probably be really good if he knew how to control his body. As it is, he is just like a little tornado spinning around in that cage. Heaven forbid ANYONE get between him and the ball - or they'll probably get their head taken off. I am scared when McLaws plays, and I am outside of the cage! He looks like a monkey because he doesn't quite know how to control himself! He also wears hiking boots every time they play. His nickname on the court is "The Claws."...... SO fitting. I can just imagine some of these poor new Elders in our zone, playing cage for the first time with our Elders. "So Mom, my first day at the CCM.... these guys asked me if I wanted to play 'cage'. I didn't know what it was, but I thought I'd give it a shot. They literally put me in a CAGE, with a monkey in hiking boots named THE CLAWS. Welcome to México City."

All of our Elders do such funny things. They keep me laughing all day long! And Hermana Lindstrom. Oh dear heaven. She is SO funny. This week she had to give a closing prayer at a devotional, in front of the entire CCM. She was so scared..... obviously it is in Spanish, and in front of 500 people it is terrifying!! She was joking about how she wanted to go up there and say the whole thing in English... but President Pratt would probably have a heart attack and die right there on the stand. She did awesome, though. 

I love everything about the CCM, and I am going to miss this place a LOT. But I know that the Lord has much greater things in store in Perú :) I cannot wait to get there and get to work. This work truly is a labor of love, and it requires all of you. Heart, might, mind, strength, desires, weaknesses, strengths... absolutely everything. And it is worth it :) 

The church is so true!!
Love you all :)
Hermana Sintay :)

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