Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Showers in a bucket, no paved roads... the LIFE of a Chincha misionera :)


I am in Perú!!! Finally!!! There are so many things to tell you all. The flight from México to Perú was just fine - all went well! I am so sorry that I could't call you from the airport... none of the payphones were working! It was a sad time for all of the missionaries there. haha. There were 17 missionaries in my group from the CCM all going to Lima South. 4 Hermanas and the rest Elders!

I could tell you all about the flight... and the hotel we stayed in... and the training meetings... but I really want to focus on telling you about my area! Because I do not have much time at all!!! Pdays are MUCH different in the field than in the CCM. haha :)

Presidente Douglas is an AMAZING and INSPIRED man. We all had interviews with him so that he could pray and decide who our companions should be and what area we should serve in. They were only 5 min interviews, but the Spirit was so strong. 

After about 6 hours of uplifting and educating orientation meetings, we were all assigned our companions and areas. I actually have 2 companions, and therefore 2 trainers!! We are in a trio. It's funny, because in the CCM, Hermana Lindstrom and I would always say that we never wanted to be in a trio.. but it is SUCH a blessing as my first companionship. Both of my comps are Latina! Hermana Leiva is 21 years old, and from Argentina. She only has one month left on her mission, and then she is going home. She is an amazing teacher and example. She strives for exact obedience all the time - which I LOVE. Hermana Lara is 26 years old, and is from Perú. She has been serving for 9 months. She doesn't speak English at all - Hermana Leiva speaks only a tiny tiny bit. So.... my Spanish is going to improve VERY quickly. haha because that is absolutely all that I speak! They are so impressed with my Spanish, but I still feel completely lost.

Hermana Lara, Hermana Leiva, y yo outside of our casa!!

We are serving in CHINCHA. It is a 3 hour bus ride from Lima. Yesterday we took the bus and arrived around 9pm. This is a very very very very poor area... hardly any of the roads are paved at all. The houses are falling apart, and there are as many dogs in the street as people. I can't even explain what it is like... so so humbling. I will send some pictures so you can get an idea of what I am talking about. Everything here is SO different from the United States - it is even worlds different than México!!
the inside of our house

I have not seen another white person since we arrived in our area. Every single person that passes me just stares, and a couple people have tried to reach out and touch my hair. hahahaha it is hilarious! Also, there are these tiny little cars that we ride often.... they are called moto-taxis? I think? Google that and see if you can find a picture! Anyway, there are tons of those zooming around the street, and they ALL honk at me whenever they see me. They honk and then the driver will just stare at me with his mouth wide open as they drive by. hahahaha. Oh man, this is just so awesome! I love everything about Perú! And I love everything about being a missionary!!!

The main focuses in our mission are OBEDIENCE and the DOCTRINE: During my training, I literally have to memorize 2 Nephi 31. The entire chapter. In Spanish. HOW COOL, right?!?! Oh man, the emphasis on the doctrine of Christ is incredible. Also - obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles. SO BE EXACTLY OBEDIENT :) Selective obedience brings selective blessings. Be obedient, see the miracles :)

I love everything about the mission. I love my area. It is really hard. I shower in a bucket. I won't see a paved street for another 3 months at LEAST. It is so hot. BUT, I am a missionary :) And I get to help people change their lives and come unto Christ :) And that is the best blessing that I could ever ask for. 

The church is true!!!!!!!
I LOVE this work. 
Les quiero mucho :)
 our kitchen
Hermana Sintay :)
To get to our bathroom you have to walk through this little alleyway thing!
and........ the shower :) A bucket :) Whoo hoo! En serio - this is all there is. haha welcome to Perú!
This dog's name is Cholita, and she lives in the little alleyway by our house! She comes in whenever we open the door, and she loves to play. We wish we could keep her!!

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