Monday, March 23, 2015

Why do missionaries exist?

Has anyone ever mentioned how STRANGE time passes on the mission?
Like the fact that I feel like I just got off the plane, but when people ask me how long I have been here, the answer is "almost 6 months." Orrrrrr how the days sometimes feel like they will never end, and then all of the sudden it is Pday again, and a week has past. And transfers? Oh gosh. I don't understand how so much can happen, yet they can pass so fast.  
Mission time is like another dimension, I swear. 
But it's the absolute best :)
This week was so wonderful! It was cambios this week, but Hermana Santiago and I didn't have cambios! So we will be here in Ica as companions for another 6 weeks :) I am really grateful! I know that the Lord has miracles for us to perform here in our area, as well as family history and retention!

On Wednesday, Elder Waddell from the first quorum of the Seventy came for a tour of the mission. He was here in Ica all day, and ALL the missionaries from Chincha, Pisco, Ica, and Nazca were here! There were about 80 missionaries. Elder Waddell came with President and Hermana Douglas to do a training. 
IT WAS AMAZING. I learned so many things. I couldn't even write in my journal fast enough all of the things I was learning by the Spirit!!
Elder Waddell was so direct and powerful. And I am pretty sure he has the scriptures memorized. Everything he said was so PACKED with doctrine and truth.  

At one point, he stopped in the middle of what he was saying and pointed at an Elder. He asked the Elder, "Elder, do you ever eat?" The Elder, a little taken back, responded hesitantly - "Um.. yes?"

"Very good, Elder. Now why do you eat?"
(The poor Elder probably thought it was a trick question, I think I saw his eyes dart to his Preach My Gospel to see if maybe the correct answer would be found there.) 
"Umm... so I can work?"
"Elder, why is it important that you work?"
"So that I can fulfill my missionary purpose."
"And why is is important for you to fulfill your missionary purpose?"
"So I can bring others to Christ."
"And why do you need to bring others to Christ?"
"So that they can have eternal life."
"Why do they need to have eternal life?"
"So they can have an eternal family."

At this point, Elder Waddell almost reached out to smother the Elder in a hug as he exclaimed, "EXACTLY! So what you are saying, is that you eat to create eternal families."
We didn't even have a moment to snicker or laugh before Elder Waddell leapt onto another Elder. 

"Elder! Why do you sleep?"
"So that I don't fall asleep during the day."
"And why is it important that you don't fall asleep during the day?"
"So that I can work."
"And why is it important that you work?"
(Catching on now, the Elder responded with a smile) -
"So that I can create eternal families."

"So, what you are saying, is that you SLEEP to CREATE ETERNAL FAMILIES."
(turning to a brand new Elder, just got out in the field)
"Elder! Why do you breathe?"
(without any hesitation)
"To create eternal families."

My eyes were opened as he ended this little exercise. As missionaries of Jesus Christ, we EAT, SLEEP, and BREATHE to create eternal families. Literally everything we do revolves around this purpose. Missionaries do a lot of things during the day - we wake up, exercise, plan, study, practice, teach, contact, call people, ask for referals, talk to everyone, teach more, plan more, report numbers... and about a million other things in between. But honestly, everything has the same purpose. 

We exist to create eternal families :)

Everything I do is to fulfill that purpose. But it is not MY purpose... it is Heavenly Father's. That is His plan. To strengthen families through the Atonement and gospel of Jesus Christ so they can live with Him forever :)

I love my eternal family!
I love you all. 
This church is true!!!

Hermana Sintay :)

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