Monday, March 30, 2015

How are YOU preparing?

Zona Ica with Elder Waddell, member of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy
Hello everyone!!
First off - shout out to the best eternal family in the entire world :) I received the package that you sent for Easter slash General Conference, and it was THE BEST. Seriously, you guys are way too amazing. I shared everything with my companion and the other 2 Hermanas that are in our ward :) I think they were all just as excited as I was - maybe even more ;) Thank you SO much, Mom!
ALSO, Alena I hope you don't think that I forgot your birthday!!!! I was thinking about it all week, and ESPECIALLY all day on Saturday :) I cannot believe that you are 14 years old. You are such a strong and beautiful young woman! I am so grateful to be your sister :)
This week it has been SO hot here, and we walked more than I ever have in Ica. We spent all week walking and contacting referrals that we had, buuuuuuut it seemed like everyone decided at the same time to hide away in their houses and not answer the door. Sooooooo yup, we just walked even more. But that's okay! I hope that this week we will be able to find more people :) We don't have that many investigators right now... that's why we are spending so much time searching for new people!
I guess I haven't really told you a ton about the people we are teaching - and I am sorry about that! The truth is, it's because we really don't have that many people that we are teaching. We are working 50% in our area, and 50% in family history, and for that reason alone, it is hard to help our area flourish like we should. We are teaching a few investigators and a handful of less actives, but most are struggling to progress. We pray everyday to be able to have the capacity to focus our efforts on BOTH areas of our work so that BOTH can be excellent. It is hard, let me tell you! My capacities and capabilities are definitely being stretched. Heavenly Father is giving me so much more strength than I have by myself!
Something funny that happened with Hermana Santiago this week - we both decided that we were not being very good with our health... and were eating too much... hahaha so we decided to go on a diet. Hmmmmmmm hahaha reminds me of the million times that Lenise Volmer and I decided that we would go on a diet together. I don't know when that has EVER worked. (Isn't that right, Lenise? ;) jejeje. Well, Hermana Santiago and I decided this JUST after I received the package from my family, which was FULL of yummy Easter candies... and junk food... that we love... hahaha. Kind of a problem, right?
So what did we decide to do?
We decided that we would eat ALL of it in one night, so that we wouldn't have the temptation anymore. 
Hey, we're brilliant, right? ;)
Well, brilliant or not, we did it. We spent literally the whole night eating (in the name of our diet of course), and then in the morning were completely committed to not eating junk food ;) 
And hey! I lost 2 kilos (I think that's like 4 lbs?) this week, in spite of the night when we ate enough to feed half of PerĂ¹. So that's good :)
On Saturday we did get to watch the Women's Conference!! It was so amazing. I loved every minute of it :) It was in Spanish, but that was just fine! 
I cannot even tell you how EXCITED I am for General Conference. I have been counting down the days for WEEKS now!!!! And - I think that I might get to listen to it in English :) What a blessing :) 
I hope that you are all preparing well for General Conference. Prepare your hearts and minds to be able to APPLY what is said, REPENT, and CHANGE. I am anxiously looking forward to recognizing more of my weaknesses, and applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ to repent and become more like Him. 
How are YOU preparing your heart and mind for General Conference? Make it a priority - I promise it will be worth it :)
He lives! I know it. So let's be happy about it :)
The Church is true!!
Hermana Sintay :)

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