Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Representative of Christ :)

This week was full of changes, miracles, and blessings. 

First of all - Hermana Artigas and I did not have cambio this week, which means another 6 weeks of miracles together :)

But - other cambio news! This transfer I will also be a Sister Training Leader for all of the Hermanas here in Lima. I am really excited for the new chance to serve in this assignment! The Lord knows our abilities and capacity, so I will be turning to Him a lot to complete with being a trainer for a new missionary AND the rest of Lima. I will keep you all updated on how things go :)
The CUTEST future missionary ever. We had a family night with her family during the week, and on Sunday she could not wait to come and show me what she had made. "Hermana Sintay! Hermana Sintay! I am going to be a missionary just like you when I am big :)"  Melt my heart.
This week we had a really tender experience that just made me feel like Jesus Christ. We went to visit a family of less actives whose children are not baptized. The mom is pregnant, and is right in the first 3 months.... in other words, she is super sick, in bed, and trying to deal with 2 other young children under the age of 10. We passed by the house to see how she was and how we could serve her. We didn't have a planned lesson, weren't even sure if she was going to be there, but God knew that the timing was right. 

When we got there, she let us know that today she was feeling a lot better, and that she had been able to clean the bathroom for the first time in 3 weeks. Her house was kind of a disaster, as you can imagine with 2 little kids running away practically without a Mom for a few weeks. Just like any other human, she was a little embarrassed to admit that she needed some help to clean. But as missionaries, we are here to serve, not just teach! She was trying to get the kids sat down to listen to a lesson, and I just asked her if I could help the kids clean there room a little bit before we started. She just looked at me and said - "Oh Hermana. My kids do NOT clean. Ever." Sound familiar to any other family with little children? :)

Heavenly Father definitely has blessed me with the ability to interact with young children - and so I started to recruit the help of my new little cleaning team. In about 30 seconds, those 2 little boys were cleaning faster than they normally run laps around the house (which is record speed, let me tell you) :) In 20 minutes, with the help of my little minions, we cleaned more than just their rooms... we cleaned the entire house. Toys in the toy bucket, garbage in the garbage, laundry in the laundry, and Mom just sat there on the couch crying in gratitude. I had SO much fun. It made me miss interacting so much with young children :)

I know that as missionaries we are here to do just as Jesus Christ would. Serve in the way he would. Have patience like He did. Teach the same doctrine that He did. 

I love being His representative and feeling the power of my calling.

The Church is true!!!

Hermana Sintay :)
Hey Mom! Look, I wash my own clothes :) By HAND! I actually like it, it is so fun! And we get to hang them outside to dry. The sun helps us out with the task :) 

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