Monday, August 3, 2015

A few miracles.

Hello everyone :)

Happy day! How are you all? :)
This week was great. Quite honestly, I am not sure what to write you all, so I guess I will just tell you about a few miracles that happened this week. 

We struggled to find this week. We were going crazy, doing everything we could, practically looking under rocks to find new investigators. And yet, we hadn't found anyone when we got to Friday. The investigators that we were teaching were not progressing as well as we'd hoped. They just were not escogidos - and we are here as missionaries to find and gather the escogidos (DyC 29:7). For this reason we were searching for every source to be able to find new investigators - the escogidos. 

Saturday came and we still had almost nothing. We had found 3, but then they informed us that they actually didn't live in our area, so we just had to pass the reference on. 

When Sunday came, we thought for sure that we were going to have no investigators in the chapel. For as much as we strived to make plans for the chapel for our investigators, things just weren't working. We were emotionally prepared for a week of low numbers and just more plans to work harder. 

But, God saw our faith. And He blessed us with a miracle.

2 investigators, an older couple, that we had left almost a month ago showed up at church. And they got there early. They said that they just "felt like they needed to be there."

Another family of investigators came that had been a street contact from Saturday. We hadn't even had a lesson with them, and they came to church.

In the afternoon, an investigator that has been meeting with the missionaries for over 2 years told us, "Hermanas, I am ready. I want to be baptized. Let's put a date." Her two sons are members and are in the young men's program. She has a baptismal date for the 5 of September. 

God really does bless us when we endure to the end and act in faith. 

The church is true!!!!!!

Hermana Sintay :)

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