Monday, August 17, 2015

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Helloooo family!

Yikes, there is lots to report from this week. Here we go, hold on to your seats :)

MONDAY, for pday, we had to go and buy new shoes for my companion. We had heard of a couple stores that were close to the office that sold good shoes... so we got permission to leave our area and go there to search. We didn't have much luck... considering the fact that my companion wears a size 1.5 in American sizes. jajaja! So President told us we could go to search again on Thursday. 

TUESDAY, I had an intercambio with an Hermana from Texas, named Hermana Dougal. She has 3 weeks in the mission. It was great, and I learned a lot from her :) 

WEDNESDAY, well, we were still in intercambio! Saw lots of little miracles, 

THURSDAY, since we couldn't find any shoes for Hermana Artigas on Monday, we received permission to go to another part of Lima that is SUUUUUPER nice. Miraflores. Look it up on google, I am sure you will find some good pictures!
So we went there, found shoes for her (YES).

ALSO, on Thursday, I ran into ELDER BURRUP! Wow, I was so excited that I couldn't speak English, I just kept saying things in Spanish really fast, he thought it was hilarious, we had some good laughs and tried to speak in English for a while. It was some good Spanglish. jaja :)
Well, after being here in PerĂ¹ for 10 months, right around the corner from Elder Burrup, we FINALLY ran into each other this week. My companion and I had to go to the office to pick up some things from President, and when we got there, one of the Elders in the office asks me, "Hermana Sintay, do you know an Elder Burrup?" I said OF COURSE, that we had only been friends since we were like 12 years old, and that he was in Lima East. The Elder in the office told me, "Well, he's right behind that door." 

It was a GREAT little reunion, it made my heart so happy to see such a good friend from home! Elder Burrup is finishing in September, and is serving as assistant to the President right now. 
Such a tender mercy :)

FRIDAY, my companion had to go to migraciones to become legal in Peru. We went SUPER early in the morning and spent the whole day there. I almost died on a metro train kind of thing, I have never been so squished between so many Peruvian people.

SATURDAY... this was where it really got crazy. President called us in the afternoon, and told us in about 5 minutes that an hermana was coming here to our mission... she had been serving in Mexico... something happened with her visa... they kicked her out... and she would be coming with us. She arrived at 3 in the morning, and then the whole next day was full of trips to the airport... tramites.. visa stuff... this poor hermana. But she is here now with us, we are in trio, and I am enjoying sleeping on the ground so she can have my bed :) We have no idea how long she will be here. 

Well, time is up, I wish I could fill you in on more things! Life is good, I am happy, and I love being a missionary :)

The Church is true!!!!!!! :)

Hermana Sintay :)

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