Monday, August 24, 2015

Preparing to recieve revelation.

HELLO family! 

A couple updates... I don't have much time, so it will be a little shorter! 
The Hermana that came in an emergency transfer last week is still with us :) So I am still sleeping on the floor. jaja don't worry, I have only been woken up by bugs twice, so I am counting my blessings! The Hermana Dàvila will be here with us until we have cambios, which will be in another 2 weeks. I am learning a lot from her! Definitely is an adjustment, but another blessing is that I can do interchanges more easily... part of my responsibilities as Sister Training Leader! Heavenly Father knew why she needed to be with us :)

This week we had a Mutlizona with President McGinn. It was wonderful! It is always good to get to see other missionaries from other zones, and to be edified and instructed by the Spirit. One of the tallers that we had talked about the POWER of the First Vision. The Elderes that led the taller asked us to close our eyes and think about how GOD felt during the First Vision... looking down at Joseph Smith, after waiting for thousands of years to restore His church on the Earth. Think about the love he must have felt. How long He had waited. How long he had been preparing Joseph to be the Prophet of the Restoration. How long he had been preparing the WORLD for that Restoration. I had never thought about the First Vision that way. We talked a lot about the doctrine this amazing vision, and I received so much personal revelation and inspiration. I love testifying of the Restoration of this gospel and doctrine. I really do. 

This Wednesday, ALL DAY, we are going to be in a meeting with Elder Bednar :) It is going to be incredible. I have been spiritually preparing a lot for the council and instruction that he will give us. 

This Church is true!
But more importantly, this DOCTRINE is true.
2 Nefi 31:21.

Hermana Sintay :)
This might be the coolest thing y'all have ever seen.
Don't ask too many questions.
But yes. It happened. 
Miracles exist, eh?

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