Monday, November 23, 2015

Counting Blessings :)

Hello family! And friends! And everyone who is still reading these after 14 months. 

First off, I would just like to comment that I have started my Christmas celebrations in full blow. Not even the 100-degree weather can hold me back. Last Christmas, when I had first gotten to Perú, maybe I was a little worried that I would give the wrong impression started Navidad so early... but this year, I consider myself Peruana, and I still consider it acceptable. Let the jingle bells ring! 
Found this cute little painting on a wall the other day. We thought it was picture worthy!

This week there were lots of things that made me happy -

1) We had a baptism :) We rescued a family that had two children to baptize - Casey and Blake, ages 9 and 10. It was such a happy day for them, and I am sure for Heavenly Father, too! They both came out of the water GLOWING... and the fact that their dad was able to baptize them just made it even more special :)

Baptism this week!

People making covenants... it is exciting :)
2) Sunday was the Primary Program. Boy, it is just as cute with Peruvian sunbeams as it is with American sunbeams. They still scream the songs, fight for the front row, get nervous for their one-line talks, and treat the microphone like a sacrament-meeting-snack. And yet.... somehow you can't help but feel the Spirit. God lives. Jesus loves you. We have a prophet. The scriptures are true. My family is forever. What more of a testimony could you ask for?

3) I had a lot of fun recognizing all of the small blessings that I have. For example - I am still using the same pair of shoes that I started my mission with. They are completely trashed and have changed color about 3 times... but they have walked me around the whole south of Perú, and will keep me going for as long as God keeps me here :)

4) Another blessing. The scriptures. And studying. This week I felt SO uplifted and strengthened with the things that I learned from the Book of Mormon. I finished reading it all way through for the 4th time on my mission on Friday. As I was praying and telling Heavenly Father how grateful I am for the Book of Mormon in my life, He helped me feel and know once again that is really IS true. 

Fun fact - if the family is kneeling down at 6:00 am to start scripture study... we are all kneeling down at the same time to start our day with the strength of the Lord. 8:00 am sharp for me here in Perú to start my personal study... and 6:00 am for you guys. Just another thought that makes me happy :)

The doctrine is TRUE!

Hermana Sintay :)

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