Monday, November 2, 2015

Blessings Day by Day

This email is going to be short, I apologize! I have a bus to catch to Lima in just a little bit. Leadership Council is tomorrow bright and early, and I've got a 5-hour mountain bus with my name on the seat. Yippee!

This week was full of meetings and events... on Thursday, I had to go to Ica for another leadership training that the assistants had for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. My companion hung out with some other Hermanas in Ica while I spent the whole day in a training with the leaders in the south of the mission. We learned a lot that has helped us prepare for the Leadership Concilio that we will have with President and the rest of the mission leaders tomorrow. Thankfully, Ica is only 2 hours away, so we didn't have to stay the night anywhere :)

On Saturday, we went to the TEMPLE! I am so sorry that I don't have pictures.... the Spirit told me to bring my camera charger just in case, but given the fact that I had completely charged my camera before we left, I trusted in the arm of the flesh and ended up with a dead camera and no pictures. Well.... it's okay :) Everyone had an amazing experience, there were several converts and rescues who were there for the first time... and lots of other faithful active members who had been waiting to go the temple for the last couple years but just couldn't afford the trip. It was a beautiful day spent there in the Lord's house. We didn't do a session because we were so busy helping everyone else with their appointments and reservations - but it was alright :) I was happy to be there and see the Spirit of Elijah working in the hearts of my brothers and sisters.

Sunday was another historical day here in La Villa, Pisco.... WE HAD CHURCH IN A CHAPEL! I cannot even explain how our fast and testimony meeting went... almost every member wanted to stand up and bear their testimony of gratitude for the new chapel. The blessings of faithful tithes and offerings have blessed these saints more that I can explain. The chapel is small, but it is exactly what we needed here. Next week there will be pictures :) We had over 100 people attend (people, that is HUGE), and everyone said that they wanted to bring their friends next week so that they could see it. We are in the process of  planning a HUGE activity and open doors so that all of La Villa can come and see the blessing of a chapel that the Lord has given us :)

I love being a missionary. I know He lives. 

The doctrine is true!
Hermana Sintay

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