Monday, November 16, 2015

Miracles and Changes

Hello family and friends!

Here's the news for this week:

MONDAY - we went to Paracas, Pisco, Perú. Pictures attached, all in all, it was great, every once in a while it is fun to see the tourist-y stuff that there is where I am serving. 
Paracas. Pisco. Perú.

Looking down a 70 foot cliff to the ocean... and the rocks... yeah, it was pretty cool :) Too bad we couldn't get any closer - they were pretty afraid that a missionary would fall off the cliff or something. A vaild concern. 

There was SO much wind. Impossible to take a picture without my hair blowing all over the place............ Let me just say that I am grateful we didn't go in dresses.That would have been a problem.. jajaja

A cool road. I wanted to take some pictures :)

PS. They didn't tell me until AFTERWARD that there were two cars that were coming toward me on the road. jjajaja thanks Elderes...

TUESDAY - we had a few miracles. We went and visited an active family who just needed some strength and support. Their name is family Flores :) We had planned to share the First Vision with them to help them remember all of the blessings in their life that come from the Restoration of the gospel. Because we are missionaries, and our purpose is always to find more families to teach, we knew that we would also prepare this family to give us a reference of someone else who needs the same blessings of the Restoration. Right after we shared the First Vision, my companion asked them, "Who is the next family that you know that needs to know about the truth of this Restoration?" Right after she made the question, there was a knock on the door. Hermano Flores went and opened the door, and returned with a young man, probably about 30 years old. He sat down and said, almost in tears, "Hermanas, this is the next person. This is my friend Owen. His name has been in my mind this whole lesson. I was just praying he would come." We were able to teach Owen right there with the whole family Flores. It really was a miracle! Owen told us that he didn't know why, but he just felt like he should come and visit the family Flores right then. But we knew why -God was preparing his heart. Alma 13:24.

WEDNESDAY - We went to Chincha for a training with President and the assistants. Always great. Revelation was received. I love learning by the Spirit. 

THURSDAY - With permission from the assistants, my companion and I organized a zone activity for all of the Elders. The purpose was to help them have experiences in their own family history so that they could have more of a testimony as they invite and work with their conversos and rescues to go to the temple. It turned out so well - there were 3 differents stations, lots of interaction, games and treats tambien.. the Zone Leaders helped us a lot as well. Since that activity, we have had twice the amount of lessons in family history. Another miracle :)

Well, time is up, so I can't report much about Friday Saturday and Sunday. But I will just say one more thing. 

I was looking at a few pictures from right at the beginning of my mission, and it really shocks me how much I have changed. And, it's not just the fact that I have lost 25 lbs... or that I hardly wear makeup anymore... or that I live with a constant sunburn... It's gotta be something else. 

I just look happier. 
And I am happier. The light of Christ is real. 
Make sure that you have it. I promise that others will see it, too :)

The doctrine is true!!
Hermana Sintay :)

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