Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016 :)

Happy day, happy new year everyone!

A little New Years miracle! We were completely out of money (fin de mes... no hay plata.), and had to wait until the 1st to withdraw from our mission cards. But, the Stake President dropped by on the 31st with these little baskets of goodies :) 

YES! Something other than quinoa and chia that I can eat! :)

Feliz Año Nuevo :)

Remember when I sent the pictures of the chicken feet that we eat here?

Well, we've upgraded ;)

We cooked food from the jungle of Perù with my companion (who is from the jungle) and our convert Margot :) 

We made Inchicapi (a type of peanut soup), and Tacacho with Cecina.


WOW! Heavenly Father blessed us so much this week! We were able to find 10 new investigators this week, and almost all of them were found through member references! (Finding has been a struggle of ours recently... but I testify that working with the members is the key!!!) .....and.... 10 investigators CAME TO CHURCH on Sunday! Wow... that was the biggest miracle. My companion and I couldn't believe it when investigator after investigator kept walking into the chapel... The Gospel Principles class was overflowing :)

There was a family that we had contacted in the street earlier in the week, and (just like every other contact) we invited them to come to church. They said they would come (...just like every other contact). BUT, they CAME! (People, this never happens.) 

We had a lesson with an 84-year-old woman named Luzmila. Her niece is a member and has brought her to church 2 times. She lives all by herself, and her children don't come to visit her anymore. She is in a wheelchair because she can't walk anymore. When we taught her, she told us how GOOD she felt when she went to the chapel. Everyone said hi to her... greeted her... and helped her to feel comfortable. She said she knew that this is the true church just for that :) She accepted a baptismal date for February! The Relief Society already committed to come over and read the Book of Mormon with her every single day since she can't see anymore and is always lonely in her house. I just love how the light of Christ moves people to serve and love :) 

Sorry that this email is a little short - Today we are having a Pday of Hermanas! Given the fact that we are the only Hermanas in the 3 closest zones... and we basically have zero Hermana interaction... President has given us permission to go spend our Pday today with the Hermanas in San Juan :) Not that I don't love playing dodgeball with allllllll of the Elders... everrrrrryyyy Pday.... but this is going to be a good little change for us :)

A nice little reminder for all of you missionaries, future missionaries, member missionaries..... (that should include just about all of us):

Faith is the power. 
Obedience is the price. 
Love is the motive.
The Spirit is the key.
CHRIST is the reason.

Keep loving, keep working, keep serving. 

The doctrine is true!!!

Hermana Sintay :)

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