Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Highlights from this week :)

So, just getting right on to business - My new companion is the Hermana Calderón from Argentina! She is AMAZING. She has hit the ground running (sprinting, I might say), and we are ready for a few cambios of miracles. 
We took our convert Margot to the temple to do baptisms! It was a beautiful experience :)
Our vision in the mission is "Pila a Pila." Font to Font. From the baptismal font... straight to the baptismal font in the temple. It is all part of the conversion process. And what a GLORIOUS process it is!

All of the new Hermanas and the trainers.
My companion's name is Hermana Calderon, from Argentina! 

Even though her smile in pictures doesn't show it......... Her personality really is just like mine. We have SO much fun :) We also work hard and smart. 

This is going to be such a good few transfers :)

Highlights from this week:

Bueno, #1, picking up my new companion :) 

#2, we took our convert Margot to the temple! Her husband who is not a member and her son who is less active both accompanied us. Her husband and son stayed outside with us and had a lesson while Margot was inside participating in the ordinances. The Spirit was so strong :) We have seen real progress in them since that day!

#3, Interviews with President! President asked me to remind him how many people I had trained - when I told him I had been consecutively training since June, he couldn't believe it! With the whole mission President train, he didn't know that I had already been training before he got here. He just reminded me how much Heavenly Father trusts me. Sometimes I need that reminder. Heavenly Father loves and trusts all of His missionaries SO so much. I can feel it!

#4, On Sunday, President came to visit our Ward Council! (talk about pressure....... I thought the Bishop was going to pee his pants for the first half of the meeting). But, it went amazingly. President McGinn told me afterward that our Ward Council was a model Council. He asked me how we got the members to work so well with us. I told him that we just worked hard, were obedient, and invited them to be a part of the work. Once they started doing visits with us, seeing the investigators that we found and helped progress.... they started taking their own initiative. It was a process, and still is, but now we have CONVERTED leaders. That is what this gospel is all about.

We are pretty stoked for the World-Wide Missionary Meeting that will be happening on Wednesday. Your missionaries at home should be, too!

The doctrine is true!

Hermama Sintay :)

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