Monday, February 29, 2016

Joys of the Work.

Happy Leap Year Day!

Well, folks, we are officially ONE WEEK into the SUPER CAMBIO of the MISIÓN PERU LIMA SUR........ 8-week transfer. Those who haven't served a mission maybe don't see the big deal about such a SUPER CAMBIO. Maybe those who have served a mission don't even think it's a big deal............but bueno, it emotionates me :) (there we are again.. silly English. Me emociona. Lo siento.)

In these last few weeks, we have been having a lot of work and success in family history. We work with 13 other programs (other than our own) to bring all of their rescues and converts to the temple to do vicarious baptisms. Within a week (or 2 weeks maximum) of their baptism, the Elders that have taught them bring their new converts to us so we can 1) teach them about family history, 2) help them create an account in FamilySearch, 3) prepare their own family names, and 4) take them to the temple :) The zones that we are working with have been baptizing and rescuing lots, so that means WE have a TON of work!

I love you all and am so grateful for your support. Keep smiling at the missionaries in your home ward! Give them a nice handshake, ask them the names of the people they are teaching, and then pray specifically for those people. That will mean so much to your missionaries. I promise. You will feel more involved in your own ward's missionary work. .... you will be a PART of this work of salvation. 

A dear missionary friend that I found in the temple. She came and visited from Bolivia :)

My favorite FAVORITE family from Pisco. I ran into them in the temple on Saturday :)

The doctrine is true!

Hermana Sintay :)

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