Monday, February 8, 2016

My 84 year old hero.

Hi there family and friends!

This week for Pday we got to go to the temple as a zone :) I sent a few pictures from our time there! Because of my assignment right now in family history, we get to go to the temple every single week with converts and rescues. But only once every two cambios do we get to do a session :) We left Villa El Salvador at 5:00 am, took 2 city buses through the center of Lima, and 2 hours later arrived at our little haven from the world - the Lima PerĂº Temple :) Ahhhh. I just love the house of the Lord. The covenants that are made there are simple, eternal, and perfect. 
Temple trip with the zone :)
 Since we were in the temple for our Pday last week, my companion and I took advantage of the opportunity and took WAY too many pictures. Here are just a couple highlights :)

The work is hastening here in Villa El Salvador. This coming week we have a baptism :) Her name is Luzmila Perez. She is 84 years old. Her niece brought her to church about a month and a half ago, and she has not missed a single Sunday since. It has been years since she could walk - she is in a wheelchair and suffers from osteoporosis and Parkinson's disease. She lives all alone in her home - her children stopped visiting her about 5 years ago. When we found her, she was sad, lonely, and literally just waiting to die. 

..... but the gospel has changed her :)

Luzmile Perez now has a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. She feels HAPPY now, and she understands where she can find peace and joy. Luzmila is the greatest example to me of faith and diligence. She relies on her niece to take her to church since she cannot walk or transport herself on her own. She is always seated in the front row of the sacrament hall - and EARLY so that she can listen to the prelude music.

This Sunday when she got to church, she looked physically terrible. Her eyes were sunken in, she wasn't smiling, and she just looked beat down. "Hermanas," she told us - "I feel absolutely terrible. I was not going to come to church today. But I did not want to give Satan that pleasure of winning me over. I know God will bless me for being here." Well, Luzmila, we can absolutely testify and PROMISE you that your Heavenly Father will always bless you for obeying His commandments. 

The Bishop and Elders Quorum President gave her a blessing of health - and when she left after the 3 hours of church, she was smiling again :) She felt spiritually and physically renewed. 

Her baptism on Saturday will be an amazing experience to all who can attend. Anyone who wants to make the trip down here to Villa El Salvador, Lima, PerĂº.............. is more than invited :)

I love this restored gospel. I know that it changes lives and generations.

The doctrine is TRUE!

Hermana Sintay :)

PS - here is a picture of Luzmila last week when we went to her house to do service with the Relief Society. She really does have more light in her eyes now :) The gospel just does that to people.

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