Tuesday, October 20, 2015

15 Years Later

HELLO family and friends!

Sorry that this email is one day late, yesterday was cambios, so our Pday is today. Hermana Luna and I do not have cambio, so we will be here together for another 6 weeks here in Pisco :) I will finish her training! I am really happy about that. 
First legit fútbol jersey that I have owned. These shirts really are the best!

Lots of GREAT things happened this week here in Pisco, Perú. 
On Tuesday President made the trip down here to have interviews with us! He taught me a lot about teaching as the Savior would. With all of the assignments I have right now, such as trainer and sister training leader, there are more than plenty of opportunities to teach through example. In my interview, the Spirit taught me that I need to be more sensitive to the Spirit and that I need to be more humble. My ponderize scripture for this week is DyC 67:10. Because I know that Christ lives and that He loves me, I have the courage to repent and humble myself every day so that I can be who my Father in Heaven wants me to be. 
With the best team shirts you have ever seen. 
Keeping things serious.
Well, sometimes :)

On Wednesday we traveled up to Lima again so that my companion could go to migraciones. 2 days there in Lima, a few tramites, and we were back to Pisco!
Trip to Lima so that my companion could go to migraciones... getting to spend some time with other Hermanas :)

Okay, I have a great story to tell you about a family here :)
Our next door neighbor's names are Américo and Charo. (Charo is short for Rosario. Not sure why. But it is). Américo and Charo have an 11-year-old son whose name is Cesar. When I first got here, I thought for sure they were members. I saw them every Sunday in the chapel, they would come to Family Nights with us, and they just seemed like good Latter-Day Saint people. After I few weeks, I learned that they were not baptized, which SHOCKED me! The only reason that they were not baptized is because they were not married... Américo had been married to someone else before, and even though they had separated 20 years before, he could not pay for the divorce so that he could be legally married to Charo. For 15 years they have been attending church. 

Long story short (short because email time is short), the Elder that FOUND them 15 YEARS AGO, paid for their divorce so that they could get married. 
They were married on Friday and baptized on Saturday. The Elder (Elder Young from Utah, now married with 5 kids) came to Perú to baptize his faithful converts that he had taught 15 years ago. 
It was one of the most powerful baptismal services that I have been in. 
This is what the patio looked like BEFORE... 
And here it is after :) It is amazing what can be done with a few helping hands. It was READY for a WEDDING!!!! :) :) 
Picture right after the ceremony with the Elderes and Americo y Charo :) The next day, they were baptized. It was glorious :) The church is true, and families ARE forever!

The Church is TRUE, and families are forever. 

I love being a missionary and seeing these changes in people's eternity. 
And most of all, I love the doctrine of Christ. My testimony of the doctrine is why I am here. 

Love you all,
Hermana Sintay :)

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