Monday, October 5, 2015

Spiritually charged.

Pday adventure.... to some Incan ruins!

Of course... the first thing that Elders do... when they see a bunch of rocks... is climb. Even though I was in a dress, I kept up with them pretty well ;)
My companion, Hermana Luna and me! (and I? Yikes. No sé. Sorry Mom. I might need you to reteach me English grammar)

The bus ride on the way to the ruin. A little crowded. Lots of fun.
Given the absolute BATTLE it is to upload photos here in these Peruvian computers.... this email might be a little short. But I hope you enjoy the pictures that I finally was able to send :)
Eating Pollo a la Brasa on our Pday. 
I was a little excited :)

Coming to the end of this week... I feel spiritually charged and physically drained. That sums up the life of a missionary pretty well. 

On the way to General Conference :)

General Conference was perfectly inspired, just as it always is. With special permission from President, I was able to watch it in English with the rest of the gringo Elderes. I am the only Hermana who speaks English in all of Pisco... so President gave me permission to be ALONE with the Elderes there in the room to watch it in English. The rule was that I ALWAYS had to be with 4 Elders... they were pretty protective, it was great, and we got to watch it in English. I really don't know what I am going to do my first few days that I am without a companion... I really felt like a fish out of water.

We have a rule here in Pisco that we have to be with a Priesthood holder and his wife if we want to leave our apartments after 7:00 pm... for our safety, that's all. But on Saturday night, with the Priesthood session, we were a little out of luck. So we had girls night with the family of members that live next door :)

Doing hair.

Drinking mate. (an herbal drink from Argentina, SUPER rico.)
Tomorrow there is Concilio de Liders in Lima... so I will be taking the 5-hour bus ride today and be there all day tomorrow. My companion will stay here in Pisco with another Hermana!

Times up. Well, I love you all. Don't forget to reflect on all of the messages of Conference time and time again :) I sure will be doing it. 

The doctrine of Christ is TRUE!

Hermana Sintay :)
That smile says: "Okay. Take the picture, Elder. Before I fall off of this ruin. Gracias."

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