Monday, October 12, 2015

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Fun Peruvian fact of the day: Here in Perú, we never say "Adios." It is always "Chau."

Another fun fact: That is not only true for Perú, but just about every other South American country. 

Chicken feet. New addiction.

A little note on the preparation. Make sure you cut off the fingernails before you cook it. Those are not as fun to eat.

My FAVORITE part of the chicken. That we eat all the time here. Who ever thought it would be so good? Boil it in a soup... mmmmmmmmm GOOD 
BUENO - on to the news from this week! 

On Monday I had to go up to Lima for Concilio de Lideres - the meeting was all day on Tuesday with President, the assistants, and the rest of the leaders in the mission. Our new mission President's way of teaching and instructing is very different from that of President Douglas, but the truth that I have learned, through everything, is that the DOCTRINE is the same. And the Spirit testifies of the doctrine of Christ. We can never go astray as long as the DOCTRINE is our purpose and focus. 

While I went up to Concilio, my companion stayed here in our area BY HERSELF, with another Hermana missionary from Ica! The Hermana that she stayed with is also brand new... and the Hermana Luna was able to lead the area for 2 days by herself :) Goodness, was I a proud mama :)

After Concilio, the Hermana lider from Ica and I had to travel back to the south. We got out of Lima a little late, and weren't going to make it into Pisco on time... so the assistants told us to stay in Cañete for the night (about 2 hours away from Pisco). We stayed with a missionary senior couple there in Cañete... and it was AWESOME. They are so sweet, they are from Utah, and remind me a lot of Oris and Helen Goodey, just about 20 years younger. They made us dinner at night (BROWN rice and CROCKPOT chicken.. something that I haven't had since I left home), and pancakes in the morning (with SYRUP, another delicacy that missionaries just cannot afford). It was wonderful :)

Also, this week, President McGinn came into Pisco for a couple meetings, and Hermana McGinn came out and proceltyed with us :) She got to climb the giant hill in our area... that was fun :) She doesn't speak much Spanish at all ("Hola," and "Chau," and that's about it), but she could feel the Spirit as we taught. The Spirit is a language that everyone can understand. 
We are already in week 6 of the cambio, which means that cambio calls are this Saturday. I don't think that we will be having cambios, given that I only have 6 weeks here in Pisco. But, nevertheless, we are praying to know and accept God's will and President's revelation. 

I love you all! Thanks for the support and prayers.

The DOCTRINE is true!

Hermana Sintay :)

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