Monday, December 1, 2014

"Give me your heart, and I will give you my Spirit."

Hello my dear family and friends!

Wow. What a week. I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving until my district leader told us as we were reporting our numbers Thursday night. And IT'S DECEMBER NOW?! How did that happen. Yeesh. Sure does not feel like it with this 85 degree weather, and me over here getting sunburned everyday. jajaja but really, I am getting the best tan of my life!

First thing first - Hermana Leiva's stomach has not improved... and so she had to be emergency transferred to Lima where she can be closer to the doctors and all. Right now it is just for a week, and then if she gets better she can come back to Chincha. Soooooo this week it is just Hermana Lara and I. Ahh! It will be quite an adjustment. But it is going to be a big learning experience for me. I know it will help make me a stronger missionary. Hermana Lara speaks zero English, and we haven't really gotten as many chances to become close the last 2 weeks. Now, Heavenly Father is giving us that chance! We just got done with 6 hours of traveling in bus (to Lima and back). I have been to Lima way too many times the last couple weeks. jajaja. 

Okay about the rest of the week...!! As you can see from the pictures, we went to the playa for Pday last Monday :) That was super fun!! We played this game called "Mata Gente", which literally means "Kill The People"...... jajaja it is a Latino version of dodgeball, SO MUCH FUN; we are totally playing it at Sintay get-togethers when I get home :)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. I got your Christmas package!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Thank you SO much!!! Seriously family - you are the greatest ever. I love you so much!! Also.... ehem.... sorry, but I didn't see the note about the goodies being for Christmas day, and when I saw the Subway mints I kind of lost control. hehehe. Um..... So I opened that. hahaha lo siento!!! Everything else I am saving like I should :) And Mom I LOVE the advent calendar! I started it this morning :)

So this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting - and I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting :) I wasn't even nervous, which was incredible, considering I was speaking in front of nearly 200 people who don't know a lick of English! But the Spirit was definitely there. 

Something that I have definitely learned out here in the field is that the SPIRIT is everything. Without the Spirit, you cannot teach, you cannot find people - you can't do anything! As a missionary, you have to constantly do everything you can to live worthy of the Spirit so you can do the Lord's work. Life is just better with the Spirit as your guide :) I testify of that.

I had a really tender experience this week. We were on our way to an appointment, and had some extra time. When we have extra time we go visit less actives and try and teach a lesson to them. We prayed to know where we should go, and arrived at the house of a woman named Fa**. She has been inactive for about 3 years. She let us inside (thankfully!), and we sat down to begin a short lesson. We heard some noises from the back room (it sounded like a baby or something), and then she excused herself and went back to tend to the problem. When she returned, she was holding in her arms her son, who was probably 15 years old, and who has cerebral palsy. She was apoogizing over and over, and we assured her that everything was fine. Most people here are terrified of people with disabilities, because they just don't understand. My heart opened up so big, and I began to simply interact with him. His face lit up like the sun. All I had to do was smile. hold his hand, look into his eyes, and he was happy. His mom was completely in tears. She said that NEVER had someone acted that way towards her son. We taught a simple lesson, and invited her to come to church this week. She came :) She said that she felt more love from us as missionaries than she has ever felt from anyone. 

You know how they always say that there are people prepared for YOU in your mission? Well, I don't know if this was one of them, but I know that Heavenly Father helped me help one of his children. I know that He helps me everyday. He uses our strengths... our weaknesses... everything we have - to HELP others. His promise - "Give me your heart, and I will give you my Spirit. And together, we will change the world.. heart by heart."

I am giving Him my heart. He is giving me His Spirit. Time to change some hearts :)

I love you all. Seek for the Spirit this week, and watch the miracles.
Hermana Sintay :)
I love this flag!

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