Tuesday, December 23, 2014



This week has been INCREDIBLE!!!! Wow!!!! Seriously I am so happy :) So many happy things :)

We had our MultiZona de Navidad on Thursday - fue LO MÁXIMO. En serio. Wow!! President Douglas y Hermana Douglas came down for the whole day. Our Zone leaders BEGGED us to come and help them decorate the entire stake center... They are WONDERFUL zone leaders, but they needed some real help with the decorations. haha so who do they ask? The only Hermanas in the zone, of course ;) We decorated for 3 hours! And it turned out INCREDIBLE. Everything was decorated from top to bottom!! The other zones and President were super impressed :) For the Multizona, we watched a movie, had a White Elephant gift exchange (hahahah this was the funniest thing with a million latinos who have never participated in a white elephant), and ate lunch together! I was just bubbly and bouncing around the whole day, because HELLO IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! At home, I celebrate Christmas all-out for about 3 weeks leading up to the actual day. But here... I can't do that, because I am focused on the work of the Lord. (which is way happier anyway) :) So when I have a moment to remember that it is Christmas - I bring out the jingle bells and express all my JOY for the season :)
The sign that Hermana Lara and I made for the MultiZona!! Holy cow... we made this the night before, and it took 2 hours. Pero..... vale la pena :) It turned out AWESOME :)
This week we saw miracles in our area. I know that it is because of our obedience and consecrated diligence. We are working SO hard, and this week we were able to see the fruits of those efforts. We found 5 new investigators, and placed 2 more dates for baptism :) We had 11 less actives at church yesterday, as well as 3 investigators! Wow we were so happy. :) 

When we are contacting and finding people, we focus on finding the "escogidos". In English it is like "the chosen ones". hahahahahahahaha but that makes it sound like I am converting Harry Potter's out here in Perú. Mmmmmmm not so much. hehe :) Bascially, an escogido is someone who is truly prepared for the gospel in their lives right now. It is someone who is ready to make commitments and keep them - someone who has been prepared by the Lord for us to teach! Those kind of people really are out there. We just have to find them :)

This week is going to be the BEST. Today we are having lunch together as a zone, and watching a movie. The movies we watch are all approved by the mission, but they are AWESOME! They aren't church movies, just ones that are approved. Thursday we watched "Gifted Hands" (I think that's what it is called), and today we are watching "The Ultimate Gift" :) Then on Christmas Eve, we are also celebrating as a zone!! Hermana Lara and I are cooking a full-blown Peruvian dinner for all the Elders in our zone!! Thank heavens Hermana Lara is Peruvian and knows what she is doing. hahaha it is going to be so fun, cooking Peruvian food is awesome - I have done it once and it was a blast! I hope to learn a lot of fun dishes during my mission :) Also, on Christmas Eve, we are going to watch............. drumroll............ FROZEN!!!!!!! :) Oh happy day :)

I can't wait to Skype with you, family!!!!!! I hope you all have the most amazing Christmas week :)

I love you all!
The church is true!!
Hermana Sintay :)

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