Thursday, January 22, 2015

A note from Aubrey's mom.

Because I was home from work for Martin Luther King Day, I was able to email back and forth with Aubrey this week. It was definitely a blessing for both of us. This is some of what she DIDN'T put in her mass email:

"Okay. So this week we were leaving a lesson about 8:15 at night (this was Wed night), we were headed to another lesson.. and...... 2 men on a motorcycle.. with guns.. assaulted and robbed us. Well - my companion ran so they didn't get her bag, but they took everything that I had. Yeah the gun was about 6 inches from my stomach, but I gave them everything I had. A car appeared out of nowhere (seriously, it was one of the 3 Nephites), and we were able to get away. It was really scary. But seriously Chincha is the area in the mission that is the most dangerous. This doesnt happen everywhere. And thankfully President Douglas was here for interviews the next day... so he took good care of us. But he wants to pull us out of Chincha."

She lost her ID, her scriptures and other miscellaneous stuff, but thankfully wasn't hurt.  I know that missionaries are not invincible, but I also know Aubrey will continue to be protected and guided as she serves.  Obedience to the mission rules and to the promptings of the Holy Ghost will be key in keeping her out of harms way, but our prayers are important, too.  Thank you all for your prayers on her behalf. I know she has felt strength and comfort as we keep her in our thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. She is in every prayer we say. All 4 of them are, and then we add the other 88,000. We'll keep it that way.