Monday, January 26, 2015

First baptism coming up!! :)

Hello everyone!

This week has been a whirlwind!
I guess most of you already know what happened the other week... my companion and I were assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. Shots were fired but the LORD PROTECTED us, and we were totally fine. President has been trying to decide what he wants to do with our area. We are still here in Chincha - he hasn't pulled us out yet. We have a lot of new rules about when we can be out proscelyting and where. The area I am in right now is the poorest in the mission - and therefore the most dangerous. Transfers are in 2 weeks - and if President doesn't pull us out before then, I think that I am getting transferred then. But... who knows. I trust in the revelation of President!

This week we have been working so hard - we have 3 baptisms this Saturday!!! A FAMILY!!!! :) Ma**** and her 2 kids :) Well, she has 4 kids, but only 2 are old enough to be baptized. Seriously, this family is incredible :) They had their baptismal interviews this week, and everything went so well!

Another awesome experience with this family :) During the week we taught the principle of tithing to Ma****. The lesson before, we left 3 Nephi 24 for her to read... so that she could be prepared with a little bit of knowledge about tithing before the lesson. When we started the lesson, before we even explained tithing, she asked "Hermanas, how can I pay my tithing? I want to do it." She has absolutely no money... her husband died 3 months ago and she is living meal to meal. But she has so much faith. The lesson was amazing. And Sunday when she came to church, she paid her tithing :) Seriously I was SO happy. I love this family. I will send pictures next week :)

This last week we worked so so so hard, but felt like we were just hitting a brick wall. It was hard, but this week we are going to work even harder. I know that the Lord will help us!

I love you all - thank you for your prayers for ALL the missionaries around the world. This work is true. I know it. 

Hermana Sintay :)

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