Monday, June 22, 2015

It's all part of the process.

FAMILY! FRIENDS! All of you who have stuck around for this long :)

This week has been unbelievable, and there are so many things that I need to catch you up on. 

So remember last week, when I told you all that I was training the missionary who had already been in the field before? Her name is Hermana Mendoza. Well... let's just say that revelation exists, and things are not quite how I thought they were going to be.

On Tuesday, all of the trainers and trainees had to go to a meeting/all-day training with President Douglas. The trainers were in one room, and all the new missionaries in another. We were separated from each other and wouldn't see each other until the end of the training, where everyone would be assigned their new companion. The whole day during the training, I knew that my companion was upstairs, I had already met her, she had already been with me for one day, and I felt no stress. After all, the assistants and President had already told me that she was going to be my companion. I even felt a little sorry for all the other trainers who had the stress of wondering who their companions would be... jaja :) 

The training finished and we went upstairs to be assigned our companions. They always say the name of the trainer first.... and then they call the name of the new missionary who will be with them. When we got up there, I smiled at my companion, again being grateful to not have the same crazy nerves as everyone else.  Hermana Mendoza also looked super calm and really happy to not have the stress of waiting to be assigned.... jaja. 

President called the first trainer's name (an Hermana who would be going to Ayacucho, about 12 hours from Lima) - and the rest of the room kind of held their breath to see who would be assigned first. 

President looked me right in the eyes as he said, "And her companion will be... Hermana Mendoza."


Wait.... WHAT.

My jaw dropped, and so did those of the assistants, Hermana Douglas, and every single other person in the room other than President Douglas. He just smiled and said softly but firmly, "Revelation exists."

I don't really remember much of the next few moments, but I was assigned my NEW new companion - a brand new missionary straight out of the PerĂº MTC. Her name is Hermana Artigas, and she is from Uruguay. She is 20 years old, and she is FULL of all the nerves and energy that a new missionary should be full of :)

Heavenly Father knows a lot better what we need - and I know that my companionship with Hermana Artigas was inspired by Him. This week we have worked so hard - Hermana Artigas is adjusting really well, but there are still some things that are really hard. We have both learned a lot about the Atonement of Christ as we apply His sacrifice and are obedient to receive His grace and overcome our weaknesses. 

Having a brand new companion from the CCM has helped me remember to be grateful for the little things. My poor sweet companion has blisters all over her feet from walking so much this week, yet every single night when we pray together she thanks Heavenly Father for the chance she had to walk all day. She says that it helps her feel like a missionary.

It helps me feel like a missionary, too :) It helps me remember that sacrifices are okay. It is okay when appointments fall through. It is okay when people reject you. It is okay when you have blisters on your feet. It is okay to get on your knees and plead for forgiveness. It is okay to feel inadequate sometimes... it is okay. It is part of the process :) Not only part of the process of being a missionary - but part of the process of becoming perfected in Him.

Enjoy the journey :) Appreciate the process. Repent. Apply the Atonement. Live the doctrine. Seek the good. Be happy.

The Church is true!!

Hermana Sintay :)

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