Monday, June 1, 2015

What SUCCESS as a missionary means to me.

Hello everyone :)

A couple noteworthy things to report this week!

Number 1 - we had an activity on Saturday with the whole zone, called an Actividad de Rescate. Activity of Rescue? Sounds a little better in Spanish. jajaja. Anyway, all the missionaries from our zone gathered together, divided up, and went to search for less active members in the same ward boundaries/area. We got a list of names, a map, and went to go visit :) They are activities that the Stake hosts, and they are really fun! The most fun thing was that this time..... 50 missionaries from the CCM came to teach with us!! I had 3 brand new missionaries that came with me, and the 4 of us went out searching and teaching together!! The 3 Hermanas were from Colombia, Ecuador, and PerĂº, and they are all going to Bolivia on their missions :) It was so fun, they were super terrified.... but they had desires to talk to everyone and teach from the heart :) They have been in the CCM less than 2 weeks. It was so fun to be with 3 little hijitas ;)
The mission asked us to take some pictures procelyting... (no idea how to spell that....) so here they are :) Just a few fun ones!

P.S. It is really awkward walking and having people take pictures of you.... jaja :)
Number 2..... This week we had our last interviews with President Douglas. He finishes his mission in less than a month, and Friday we had our very last interviews with him. It was very bittersweet. In these 8 months with President Douglas, I have reached a profound level of love and respect for him as a called servant of God. While in our interview, he gave me the greatest compliment I could have ever recieved from a mission President. He said, "Hermana Sintay, I have never worried about you. I have never once had to worry that you were doing ANYTHING but the absolute best. I know you are obedient. I know you are consecrated. I know you are converted. But more importantly - your Heavenly Father knows it."

That is all I could ever ask for as a missionary. I don't need to be a trainer, or have a leadership calling, or even the highest numbers to know that I am fulfilling my purpose here in these 18 months. The most important service that I do it only recognized by the Lord. I just want Him to know I am obedient. I want Him to know I am consecrated. I want Him to know that I am converted. I want Him to trust me. 

I feel so humbled and blessed to be a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. This is His work, and He could ABSOLUTELY do it without me. But He has given me this chance to represent Him, serve in His place, and become converted as I give everything I have to this labor of love.

I love the doctrine of Christ. I do not have a perfect knowledge of the doctrine... but I do have a perfect testimony. Because I KNOW that it is true. I cannot and will not deny it. That testimony keeps me here even when things are really hard. It keeps me going even when my spirit and body are exhausted. It keeps me smiling all the time - becuase this is the GOOD news of the gospel :)

The Church is TRUE. 
I know it.

Hermana Sintay :)
This food that a member made for us.... you eat it in leaves! Classic peruvian food, it was super yummy. And more than anything, it was fun to eat it out of a leaf.

Also the super cute little girls in their family... They always tell me that I am Elsa from Frozen, because I have blonde hair and sing. jajajaja :)

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